High Pass Filter were a live electro-dub band formed in MelbourneAustralia. The band was active from 1995–2006 and supported many major touring artists such as Beastie BoysBlues ExplosionTortoiseFugaziLee 'Scratch' PerryThe Boredoms and Mad Professor.
Kelly Ryall was co-songwriter and guitarist/keyboardist.
The group began as a live dub outfit playing local clubs and bars around Melbourne's Fitzroy area. They quickly became known for their experimental sound and mostly instrumental songs. Live concerts regularly involved the use of unconventional instruments such as looped tape machines, conch shells, telephone receivers, air tubes and a variety of toys. The band also played several live sessions for the ABC's Radio National public radio service.

As of March 2017 all of High Pass Filter's music is now finally available digitally through the Sensory Projects label and all good online places.


  • Ben Green (Turntables, vocals)
  • Brian May (Synths, samples, loops, trumpet, percussion)
  • Anthony Paine (Bass, toys, tape-loops)
  • James Wilkinson (Trombone, toys)
  • Kelly Ryall (Guitar/Keyboards)
  • Larry de Zoete (Drums)
  • Steve Law (Synths and samples)

Discography 7" Singles

  • "ESN" / "Scrubbed" (1996)


  • Talkin' 'bout Yeah (rehearsal tapes and live recordings) (2000)
  • What's In The Bag? (remixes) (2001)


  • Audio Forensic (1997)
  • A Trillion Dollars (remixes) (1998)
  • Soft Adventure (2004)

Songs on compilations

  • "Skint" (3RRR radio compilation, 1999)
  • "Cassowary" (West Papua - 'Sound of the Morning Star', 2003)